The Rocky Mountain Collegian

The Rocky Mountain Collegian is an independent print and online newspaper where students have the authority to make content decisions.

A little more about the Collegian...

Since 1891, The Rocky Mountain Collegian has been the student voice of Colorado State University. The Collegian has a long history and reputation as an award-winning publication, particularly in the west, and is frequently recognized nationally by The Associated Collegiate Press and by The Society of Professional Journalists. The publication’s purpose is threefold: to serve as a news source, to create a platform for discourse and to provide skill development opportunity for student staff. The Collegian strives to cover and explain the relevance of issues that impact the Colorado State community – primarily students – by being a platform for a broad scope of perspectives. The Collegian publishes daily online content Monday through Friday and a print edition on Mondays and Thursdays during the academic year.

Student Leaders

Editor-in-Chief: Katrina Leibee

Katrina Leibee is a senior journalism and political science double major, meaning she spends most of her time overthinking, analyzing absolutely everything, and questioning the world around her. She dreams of one day making a living by writing about music and culture or editing for a big publication, but for now, she is very happy to be Editor in Chief of The Collegian. If there is one thing you should know about her, it is her heart, which is completely invested in this newspaper and the community it serves. Leibee hopes to make the newsroom a welcoming, inclusive, fun space and wants to make sure that The Collegian truly represents the identities, backgrounds, interests, and passions of the students at CSU.

Digital and Design Managing Editor: Coming Soon

Content Managing Editor: Coming Soon


Student Media Advisor: Jake Sherlock

Jake Sherlock likes his music loud, his wrestling professional and his journalism available on-demand. He enjoys breaking news tweets, long reads, investigative reports, satirical spins, thoughtful columnists and hot sports takes.

Sherlock joined Rocky Mountain Student Media as the student media adviser in September of 2019. His primary duties are to help RMSMC students produce quality journalism that informs and enlights the CSU and Fort Collins communities. His secondary duties are to make sure the candy bowl is always filled. He’s much better at his primary duty than his secondary.

He holds a bachelor’s in journalism and a master’s in communications from the University of Wyoming. Sherlock was the editor of his college newspaper and held a variety of other writing, editing and photography positions within student media. He also spent more than 10 years working with student media at the Missouri School of Journalism and at Laramie County Community College.

Outside of student media, Sherlock has experience in print and web design, copy editing, public relations, marketing, reporting, sports writing and pizza delivery, but he’s really out of practice on the pizza thing.